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Avila Farias

Anamarie Avila Farias

As a third-generation county resident, raising my family in the community where I grew up, I’ve spent decades as a housing and community professional bringing hope to first-time buyers, veterans, seniors, and our local workforce. As the former Vice-Mayor of Martinez, I championed putting more police on our streets, helped protect 44 acres of open space, invested over $45 million of state and local money in park renovation and city infrastructure – while balancing the budget and expanding reserves. Currently on the County Board of Education, I advocate every day for our students to ensure they have access to a quality education and that even the most at-risk students can succeed.


Now I want to go to Sacramento to represent you and use my experience to build a California that doesn’t leave anyone on the sidelines — but instead helps to open doors for those who have only ever dreamed — or have given up on a dream of a community and state that works for everyone. It’s possible — we just need to make it happen — together. Join me!

Anamarie Avila Farias
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