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District 15

Let's Restore the California Dream
District 15:

The 15th Assembly District is entirely made up of Contra Costa County and covers over half of the County. 32% percent of its residents are Hispanic or Latino, nearly 15% are Asian and 10% are Black or African American. Assembly District 15 encompasses the following cities.

  1. Antioch

  2. Bay Point

  3. Brentwood

  4. Clayton

  5. Concord

  6. Clyde

  7. Crocket

  8. Martinez (Mountain View, Alhambra Valley, Reliz Valley, Vine Hill)

  9. Pittsburg

  10. Pleasant Hill

  11. Pacheco

  12. Port Costa

  13. Walnut Creek – 0.5%

Anamarie Avila Farias
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